The universe is writing a poem

December 27, 2018 - Leave a Response

The universe is writing
a poem today
with raindrops falling on frozen ground
and pain that never seems
to stop until death. But we effervesce.
This carbonated world paints
itself new with every breath.


Leaf fall

October 8, 2018 - Leave a Response

As I watched, another
leaf fell free of its
attachments, floated
down, joined the others,
littering the ground.

Fell free of all the
imagined importance
that had filled its green
veins all summer long.

Free to fall in
flight slumber
in autumn
light, unencumbered
by it all.


October 8, 2018 - Leave a Response

Feather flames flashed
against the summer night.
Blue and white, they rode
the black wind, flapping
against the darkness
again and again. The heat,
the brightness pulled me in
and I soared on that summer
wind, on fire, sparks and
colored light, then gliding,
slowly sinking, as the flames
died, yellow, down into a nest of
brightly fading red
embers on the ground.

I am

October 8, 2018 - Leave a Response

I am nothing
and everything
I am your nightmare
and your fantasy
I am unity
I am disintegration
The Sunset
and the Dawn
I am your future_

Come, Mara

October 8, 2018 - Leave a Response

Mara, let’s have some tea.
I know you came to hurt me
with your lies and negativity.
I know you come from within me,
from my fear and insecurity.
I know you just get stronger
if I try to hide or fight or flee.
So come in, Mara, sit with me,
teach me, have some tea.

The last crow

October 8, 2018 - Leave a Response

Then the last crow
will call the last wolf
with its last breath
and the pack will
return from death
and howl again
on the hills
until every valley fills
again with wildness
until every bird,
tree and bee, every
fox, firefly and flower,
every wild power
runs free
and the voice of man
is never heard again.


October 8, 2018 - Leave a Response

The zebra got his powers
Because he learned this lesson well:
There’s a time to smell the flowers
And a time to run like hell.

I want to taste the trees

October 8, 2018 - Leave a Response

I want to taste the trees.
I want to be every molecule
of musk on the breeze.
I want to love my way through
this world like the bees.



February 25, 2018 - Leave a Response

The realm of possibility
is so full of existence
that there is no room
for nothingness.

Even empty space is
full of unseen waves
of light.

Nothing… is impossible.


February 25, 2018 - Leave a Response

I breathe in, as the stars
fly through space.
I breathe out, as galaxies spin,
one tiny swirl of atoms in that
universal flow.