February 25, 2018 - Leave a Response

The realm of possibility
is so full of existence
that there is no room
for nothingness.

Even empty space is
full of unseen waves
of light.

Nothing… is impossible.



February 25, 2018 - Leave a Response

I breathe in, as the stars
fly through space.
I breathe out, as galaxies spin,
one tiny swirl of atoms in that
universal flow.


February 25, 2018 - Leave a Response

So many options
Biases, egos and fears
Let’s see the data

The storytelling ape

December 27, 2017 - Leave a Response

It isn’t the strongest who survive.


We are the storytelling ape.

The most powerful story wins.

When you’re born with a storm inside

December 23, 2017 - Leave a Response

When I was young I told my friends,
“There’s a storm coming.”

“How do you know?,”
they asked.

“I can tell by the way the leaves on the trees
look silver against the sky.”

“Oh,” they said.

And then it came.

And we watched it from the garage.

They just watched, but I breathed in
the silver waves of wind and rain.

Can you just…

December 9, 2017 - Leave a Response

Can you let it all just be
As it is
Without trying to control it
Or change it?
Can you just
Let all the layers fall
On top of each other,
Let all of the currents
Mix their eddies,
Let the universe
Within and without
Follow its nature,
Make its art.


November 4, 2017 - Leave a Response

A rolling stone gathers no


But does it fall

To pieces?

And though it can’t help falling,

Does it long

For moss?


October 28, 2017 - Leave a Response

How can I know you
when I don’t even know me?
When I can’t plumb the depths of my mind,
when my heart is a labyrinth
that shifts as I delve,
grows deeper as I dive,
when mine is a mystery,
how can I know yours?
I can only explore.

A Brief History of Love

October 22, 2017 - Leave a Response

We’ve come a long way
From single cells splitting,
From the first flirting
Of accidentally shared DNA.

When those first organelles were captured
And lived inside of us,
It was still just a hint of the
Intimacy to come.

Is the new way of sharing,
Expressed through bodies
And minds,

But still there’s division,
Still that splitting,
Still more barriers
And boundaries,
To breach,
Until we reailze the
Perfect union
We’ve been wanting
But resisting,
Playing with,
Struggling with, and


September 24, 2017 - Leave a Response

We are building sandcastles

for a little while.

Don’t worry too much

about perfection.